Email marketing

Email remains a top direct messaging channel. See how a data-driven strategy boosted engagement metrics almost 200% and found unexpected revenue sources.

Social media

Getting followers is one thing. Converting and mobilizing them is another. Learn how I redefined the way one of the world's top social businesses engages its customers.

Content strategy

Content is king. Otherwise, customers will visit you once and never again. View some highly effective customer-driven content pieces from B2B, consumer, tech, and more.

About Eric...


Eric Morse is a data-driven marketing leader with a proven track record building lean, overachieving marketing operations. He has spurred transformative growth in the B2B and tech space, driven aggressive customer acquisition through digital channels, and completely rewritten the rules for social media engagement at one of the world's most aggressive social marketing companies. Through thought-leadership and customer-driven engagement strategies, Eric has helped brands and companies achieve unprecedented growth. Eric has participated in numerous industry panels on topics including digital engagement strategy, content marketing, and email marketing, and in 2012 he delivered the keynote address to the Marketing Association of New Zealand's annual conference.

The best way to reach Eric is by email. The second best way is by telephone: +1 718 496 3545. Only the Commissioner gets to use the Bat-Signal.